Lewis School of Excellence

Welcome to Lewis School of Excellence

The Lewis School of Excellence empowers students to create positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world by providing rigorous instruction in a nurturing environment. Our school community takes pride in leadership development, allowing students to excel in college, careers, and beyond.

Pre K-8

Lewis School of Excellence

1431 N. Leamington Avenue
Chicago, IL 60651

Enrollment: 480
2017-2018 Goals:
Attendance 2017 Goal: 96%
MAP 2017 Goal, Growth Percentile Reading, (3rd-8th) 50%
MAP 2017 Goal, Growth Percentile, Math (3rd-8th) 35%

Upcoming Events

Attendance: On the Rise to 96!!!

Thank you Lewis Families for helping us get to 96% attendance last year! We are back at it again, so let’s aim high and go for our goal! 

2017-18: Attendance Goal: 96%

November 100% Attendance Incentive: Museum of Science and Industry Trip!

November 100% Attendance Parent Incentive: Turkey Giveaway!

Holidays Around the World Assembly!

Join us on December 22nd for our Holidays Around the World Assembly from 2:00-3:30pm! Come and learn about Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa as our students perform songs, dances, short plays, poems, and more! Be sure to have students attend school Thursday, December 21st for the in-school performance and dress rehearsal. We look forward to spreading holiday cheer with you all!

Get Ready for Holiday Break!

Get ready for a full 2-week Winter Break! This year our break will take place from December 25th- January 5th. School starts back promptly on Monday, January 8th! We look forward to seeing you back to school in the New Year! 

Latest News

Below you will find information about Lewis School of Excellence’s activities, milestones, and events.

Operation Warm at Lewis!

​We feel so blessed to have been visited by Operation Warm on Friday, December 1! Operation Warm has been a Notable Charity since 2002, providing brand new coats to children across North America. Operation Warm...

Turkey Giveaways!

Thank you to all families who attended our Report Card Pick Up Day on Wednesday, November 15th, from 12:00-5:00pm. Anyone in attendance for Parent-Teacher Conferences was entered into a raffle to win...

8th Grade Fundraisers!

This year, our 8th grade students are raising money to go to St. Louis for their Senior Trip! This is a huge opportunity and the first time our students are going on an...