After School Programs to Develop the Full Potential of Students

Our students not only have a strong academic experience, but also have opportunities to participate in our curricular enhancement programs. These programs include fine arts, tutoring and athletics. We believe that these experiences are critical to the development of the full potential of our students. During the 2017-2018 school year Lewis School of Excellence is partnering with the following After School Programs: 

  • Chicago Run, “Running Mates”: “Running Mates” is an after school program designed to prepare middle school students to run in a local 5k race.  Participants learn about teamwork, commitment, and perseverance through a curriculum that incorporates running workouts, goal setting, nutrition lessons, and team-building activities. Running Mates works to break down racial and cultural stereotypes by bringing students from different schools together for training runs, community service projects, local races, and other celebratory events.
  • Chicago Run: All Kindergarten through 5th grade students will take part in weekly brain breaks and exercise with the Chicago Run Team! This is a great way for students to build their capacity to learn while having fun! The mission of Chicago Run is to promote the health and wellness of Chicago children through innovative, engaging, and sustainable youth running programs.
  • Dunamis Community Services: 6th-8th Grade Girls; DCAS is committed to its mantra “Providing opportunities and evoking change one life at a time” while reaching future generations worldwide. Our mission is to provide outreach services to youth that will help them tap into their dunamis power and become confident, purpose & faith-driven change leaders in their community. We seek to break the negative generational cycles that continue to perpetuate in our youth and encourage them to create a legacy for others to follow. We achieve our mission through our empowerment events‭, ‬life coaching‭, ‬youth mentoring‭ ‬and intervention programs. 
  • Family Focus, 21st Century: Family Focus supports children and youth ages 6-18 through enhanced educational opportunities programs to explore science, technology, engineering and math, as well as sports and cultural activities that encourage healthy development, self-confidence and the ability to create positive relationships. 
  • UIC Engage: UIC Engage is part of UIC’s long-term commitment to expand college access to Chicago’s youth and promote the economic, educational, health, and social wellness of the university’s surrounding neighborhoods. Student volunteers provide math, writing, and homework assistance to youth from 4:00pm - 5:30pm. The program runs twice per week. A meal is provided for the youth.
  • Sports Teams: Football, Basketball, Dance, Baseball
Pre K-8

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Athletic Program

The mission of our athletic program is to offer student-athletes, through participation in competitive athletics, an opportunity to experience meaningful growth, accomplishment, and success. As a Lewis Lion student-athlete you are a positive role model within our school and the community at large. As a student-athlete at our school, your sportsmanship goals should include:

  • Maintaining at least a C+ in all classes, attend school daily, and exhibit positive behavior;
  • Respecting the rules of the games, the officials who administer the rules, and their decisions;
  • Respecting our opponents as fellow student-athletes,
  • Refraining from engaging in all types of disrespectful behavior
  • Looking at athletic participation as a potentially beneficial learning experience, whether you win or lose;
  • Educating other students and fans to understand the rules of the game, and the value of sportsmanship.


Extracurricular Programs

Our extracurricular programs are designed to provide opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond regular school hours. Students are able to participate in a variety of activities, like art, choir, spoken word and drama, community service, and dance.